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We believe there is no better care than from the heart. Discover why families should receive the tender care their loved ones deserve. To schedule a free home assessment please contact us.

Our Story

In the quiet corners of our neighborhoods, where the rhythm of life slows and the whispers of tender care echo softly, there exists a beacon of warmth and compassion – Tender Hands Homecare. Nestled within the heart of our community, Tender Hands Homecare isn’t just an agency; it’s a sanctuary where stories unfold and bonds are forged. Here, every life is cherished, every smile is nurtured, and every need is met with a gentle touch and a compassionate heart. The journey of Tender Hands began with a simple yet profound belief – that every individual deserves to age with dignity, surrounded by love and support. Founded by a group of dedicated caregivers, it was born from the realization that true healing and comfort stem from genuine human connection. Every day, our caregivers embark on a journey of compassion, tending to the needs of those entrusted to our care with tenderness and respect. Whether it’s assisting with daily activities, providing companionship, or simply lending a listening ear, they do so with unwavering devotion and a genuine smile. At Tender Hands, we believe that true healing begins with compassion, and that the greatest gift we can offer is the human touch. In a world often plagued by haste and indifference, we stand as a beacon of light, reminding everyone that amidst the chaos, there exists a place where kindness reigns supreme and tender hands guide the way.


We Provide: Personal Care, Home Care, Companionship, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Medical Appointments, Meal Preparation, Live In Care, Social Activities, Fall prevention, Light Housekeeping, Respite Care, 24/7 Care.
We also offer free home assessments.


Personal Care

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Home Care

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What makes Tender Hands different?

We are sincere in everything we do. It is priceless to have a love for helping people and making them happy. Our team members are extremely enthusiastic about the services we offer and take great delight in raising people’s quality of life. Our commitment is to serve the needs of clients and to ensure that those needs are realized.


Mackenzie Client’s Daughter

The caregiver provided excellent care, had a positive attitude, was helpful with any tasks as needed, and helped to provide support as I regained my strength. She was skilled in personal physical care

Samuel Client’s Daughter's Husband

We used their care givers services for my father-in-law. Both of them were pleasing and caring attitude, with good bedside manner. They are very professional. I would definitely recommend them for all your home care giver needs.

Mark Z. Client's Attorney and Best Friend

I am an estate/elder law attorney who had the privilege to work with Shaunteik Rochester of Tender Hands. I retained their services for not only a client, but one of my longest and best friends, who required daily care. They were professional, honest and caring. My friend was quite uncomfortable with the thought of strangers providing him intimate care. They took their time to gain his trust and ultimately did gain his appreciation and mine alike. I take great solace in knowing that my friend past in the greatest comfort we could provide. With Tender Hands' assistance, we were able to fulfill his wishes to remain in his home.

Nick Kienle Client's Brother

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Tender Hands LLC to you as a great reliable caregiver service. Alice our caregiver worked at our home as a caregiver for my brother, following a terrible form of cancer he had called Glioblastoma. At the end of his longevity diagnosed last year. This disease will eliminate your balance of walking and being able to move and pick things up, with your arms Etc. Started within the brain and will form a somewhat comparable form of dementia and thriving headache pain all over your body within a month and a half. So I had to have someone to fill in the timeline of an 8 hour shift due to me working full time Monday through Friday. Then to switch and take over and care for him late afternoon/night. Throughout the time-of-service Caregivers at Tender hands helped with feeding, dressing and bathing to make sure all is well for the day when I'm at work. Tender hands caregivers also helped with food, meals Etc. when I wasn't home. The customer service and communication with this company is also top notch. They always reply very rapidly Text, phone, or Email. Their Director of Operations Shaunteik. Great professional communication on the daily and weekly. This is truly a great care giving service that helped me and my brother out.

Jason F. Client's Son

Excellent service!! They took great care of my mom. The owners are very involved and made sure we were comfortable every step of the way.

Louise and Michelle

Shaunteik + Kayann, Thank you so much for sending such good + caring people to take care of Tom!


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